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Innovation Management

Constantly innovating is the need of the hour to remain relevant in today’s fast paced market with dynamic needs. You need an efficient innovation program that enables you to innovate sustainably.

The innovation framework that we create together helps you achieve your innovation vision, by having a healthy idea funnel, the right structure, policy, and processes.

We work as an extension of your innovation team, creating an actionable plan that prepares you to meet the challenges, future has in store for you

Ideation Workshops

The rapidly changing technology landscape and the dynamic market needs, puts any organisation in agony. Renodo helps to enhance the innovation potential of their customers with their unique innovation practices.

We conduct ideation & design thinking workshops, hackathons, etc to bring out the best of the ideas to prepare our customers for the future.

We help our customers to remain relevant in business & probably bring their next billion dollars, with the right guidance & focussed approach

Patenting and IP Monetization

Identifying and protecting your IP is as important as innovating. IP is an asset created by intellectual efforts. Legal mechanisms exist to protect this asset.

When protected, IP gains in value and could bring varied benefits. Protection mechanisms include Patents, Copyrights, Trademark, etc.

Renodo helps our customers with the IPR and patent services in identifying patentable ideas/products/features/ services, drafting, and filing for the patent and in IP Monetization

Sales Transformation

For improved sales, you need the right product, right market fit, the right marketing channels, and the right sales methods.

Work with Renodo experts to transform your sales with time-tested unique methodologies. Get access to product hack, marketing hack & sales hack to enhance your sales to a completely different level.

Our 360-degree Growth hacking enables your sales force to close more deals faster, better

Dreaming about being Innovative?

Download the steps to build an innovation culture in your organisation


About Us

For corporates who want to be market leaders, Renodo is the ideal innovation consulting firm to go to. We help corporates find their next core business and their next billion dollars.

Unlike traditional innovation consulting firms, Renodo enables end-to-end innovation management starting from ideation to patenting to IP monetization to Sales transformation.

Renodo is a full-service innovation enabler company based out of Bangalore, India. Renodo helps its customers to create an innovation framework within their organization, which will enable them to innovate sustainably.

Renodo’s start-up program helps the early stage start-ups to identify their market segment, position their products right and support them in the Product management and business development aspects.

At Renodo we believe that innovation needs to be a culture within the organization to have a sustained innovation model.

With more than 40 years of collective experience, Renodo experts are the right choice for your innovation and ideation needs.




Workshops completed


Ideas Generated


Innovation Master Class



Yes, we do work with all enterprises, start-ups or otherwise. We provide an industry agnostic innovation program to our customers. The approach will vary from organisation to organisation depending on your need.

We deliver a complete Innovation framework, including tools, processes, structure and policies, that enable you to create a sustained innovation environment within your Organisation.

We help you create a culture of Innovation using our unique innovation model.


“I am glad that we decided to work with Renodo to help refine our chatbot and AI based fintech products. Their unique and innovative product hack methodology, with market surveys, role plays and persona based research has really helped us drive our product offering and market positioning in the right direction.”

Abhijit Jayapal
CEO, Wyzebot, Singapore
Roshni P

Renodo helped us to identify the black spots in our business strategy. We have a new lease of life now. Thanks to their experts.

CEO/Founder - EthniiChic

The ideation workshop conducted by Renodo helped us open up and identify big ideas that may change our market position. It was unbelievable that we achieved so much in just a day.

Morgan Redgart
Innovation Head
Our Team

Meet our Experts

Innovation Experts

Biju has more than two decades of industry experience in Innovation Management, Co-creation, Ideation, Technology, Technical Sales, Product Management

Biju R B


Roshni P

Roshni is a successful entrepreneur and founder of Ethniichic, an ethnic gifting service based on Indian ethnic art forms. Her

Roshni P

Director & Co-Founder

Innovation Consultants

15 years of industry experience in mobile payments, cryptography, innovation management, product management, market research, design thinking, hackathons, patenting, open

Rajasekharan S

Head - Technology

We have a collective experience of about 4 decades. You are guaranteed of the best service.

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