Steps for Innovation Culture

5 Steps to build an Innovation Culture.

Our 1st webinar conducted in association with OrigiinIP Academy had 90+ registrations. Participants from 40+ organizations attended the session.

The key aspect of the webinar was the need to build an innovation culture within your organization. The 5 steps for achieving the same was discussed in detail.

  1. The Management Vision
  2. Ideation and idea funnel
  3. Structure, Policy, and Processes
  4. IP protection and monetization
  5. Collaboration for growth

The multitude of questions from participants generated a lot of interesting discussions, about Juggad Vs Structured innovation and, innovation in non-technology areas and much more.

5 Steps to build an Innovation Culture
Webinar, OrigiinIP Academy,Bangalore
Starting on
October 27, 2017
Ending on
October 27, 2017
Webinar on Steps to build innovation culture within your organization

  • by

    Biju Rema Balagopal, CEO, Renodo

    27 Oct 2017

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