Design Thinking Workshops & Train The Trainer Program

Design Thinking helps to directly approach complex problems, innovate collaboratively, and create holistic, sustainable solutions with a human-centered focus.

The 2-day hands-on experiential training will give you:

  • The steps to unleash creativity

  • To connect with your customers in new ways

  • How to identify the untapped innovation potential within your organization

  • Time-tested solutions to your complex challenging problems

  • A multitude of real-life use cases

The training provides the required tools and mindsets to innovate sustainably.

With CBSE and Govt of India taking Design Thinking forward in a big way, there is a need to have a large group of expert trainers. Renodo is on a mission to create 5000+ Design Thinking Trainers by the end of 2021. Talk to us @ +91 9945209460 to know more.