Innovation Consulting

It is apparent that to sustain the fast-paced technology changes and dynamic market needs, one has to innovate constantly. At Renodo, we believe that Innovation has to be a culture of the organization, for it to sustainably innovate.

Renodo provides an innovation framework to its customers to enable them to innovate constantly. The framework includes ideation tools and methodologies, the required structure and processes, rapid prototyping, market testing and much more.

Renodo also helps in setting up Intrapreneurship programs to handle big ideas and enable large organizations to be nimble-footed like a start-up while executing them.

Engage with our innovation experts to assess your innovation potential and guide you through the process of building an innovation culture in your organization.

Open Innovation

As part of Renodo’s open innovation program, we scout and curate the right solutions for your innovation gaps, facilitate POCs and hand hold the final implementation.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking helps to directly approach complex problems, innovate collaboratively, and create holistic, sustainable solutions with a human-centered focus.

The 2-day hands-on experiential training focuses on :
  • Finding the right user persona and identifying their said and unsaid fears/needs/wants.
  • Refining and breaking down the problem statements
  • Ideating in a structured manner to derive the most optimal solution
  • Prototyping and positioning your product in the right perspective

  • The training provides the required tools and mindsets to innovate sustainably.